We, at Independent Living, Inc., value individuality and understand that the values below may be understood, expressed and internalized in individual ways and according to the strengths and talents each of us brings to the workplace.

I understand that service is the heart of our organization.

  • I value providing holistic, caring, quality services to the aging population and people with disabilities and am sensitive to the physical, intellectual and emotional challenges they face, while respecting their independence and personal choices.
  • I seek to build meaningful and lasting professional relationships with the individuals we serve and their loved ones.

I understand that teamwork enables us to accomplish our mission.

  • I am aware that every employee, volunteer, donor and board member is the face of ILI and value each individual’s capacity to contribute to the organization.
  • I recognize that our diverse backgrounds, skills, strengths, styles, and collective experience, when successfully integrated, can make us stronger as an organization and better prepare us for our work with diverse populations.
  • I recognize and value the autonomy and individuality of each employee and I believe that employee empowerment and self esteem are critical elements in the success of ILI.
  • I believe that encouraging the authentic voice within each of us and engaging the hearts and minds of all employees will benefit ILI.

I want integrity, compassion and honesty to inform every aspect of our business and communications both internally and externally. I apply these values as:

  • I seek innovative solutions through constructive problem solving.
  • I challenge myself and others to go beyond what is expected.
  • I look for reasons why I can do things rather than why I can’t.
  • I accept accountability for my actions and welcome the opportunity to give and receive constructive feedback.

I strive to create and nurture an environment of trust.

Recognizing that change offers opportunity, I am committed to the continued growth and profitability of ILI to ensure our services continue into the future.

  • I welcome new business opportunities arising from changing needs in our community.
  • I support other team members, regardless of their individual role, in our efforts to build an increasingly more responsive organization able to adapt and thrive in a changing community and business climate.
  • I value building community partnerships to accomplish our mission.

It is our hope that these shared values will help us all create and sustain a stimulating and productive corporate culture in which each of us can thrive and do our best w