Tennyson Health & Wellness Center

Fit for You!

Located on Madison’s Northeast Side!

Enjoy the community’s premier fitness center focusing specifically on senior needs and interests! In addition to fitness and exercise studios, and a wonderful spa suite, the Health & Wellness Center features a warm-water therapy pool with an underwater treadmill.  It’s the only one of its kind offered in any senior community in Wisconsin. 

1936 Tennyson Lane
Madison, WI 53704

Contact: Lori Devine, Manager
Phone: 608.268.9649 office
Email: Contact Us

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Tennyson Health & Wellness Center is welcomes residents and Madison-area adults who are age 55 and better. Numerous membership rates are offered, ranging from “just enough to try it” to “I can’t get enough of this!”

The amazing amenities include:

  • Warm-water therapy/exercise pool
  • Underwater, variable speed treadmill
  • Fitness studio with cardio and strength equipment
  • Personal training
  • Group fitness studio that hosts a variety of exercise classes
  • Massage & holistic services studio
  • Health services hub for nursing, podiatry & therapy

With our help, you can maintain or improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and balance. If you live with arthritis, chronic pain or similar health issues, our programs will help you manage these conditions. Our staff has expertise and experience working with older adults and fitness. Our goal is to create enthusiasm and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Residents at Tennyson Senior Living Community receive a free one-year membership. It’s a great perk!

Tennyson Health & Wellness Manager

Lori Devine is the manager of Tennyson Health & Wellness Center. A fun person to meet, she exudes positive energy. She also is a certified personal trainer, group and water fitness instructor, health coach, and worksite wellness specialist, brings 32 years of wellness expertise to her role as the Health & Wellness Manager at the Tennyson Senior Living Community. Most recently, she was assistant director of fitness/wellness at University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She has achieved numerous professional accolades and credentials from several prestigious organizations including the American College of Sports Medicine, National Wellness Institute, Arthritis Foundation, American Red Cross and the American Council on Exercise.

For information about classes and rates, contact Lori Devine, Manager, at 608-268-5492 or ldevine@independentlivinginc.org

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