Volunteer Service – Telephone Reassurance


Friendly Phone Calls Help in So Many Ways

Contact: Volunteer Services Manager
Phone: 608.268.9641
Email: volunter@independentlivinginc.org

Would it be helpful to have someone call you, just to check in regularly and make sure you are okay? Perhaps it would be nice to have someone call you at the right time to remind you to take medication. Or maybe your niece, who checks on you regularly, has to be out of town for awhile and would feel better if someone else could call just to be sure you are fine.

There are many ways a telephone call can be helpful to you. Our Telephone Reassurance Program is a volunteer program that matches volunteers and clients who enjoy the connection and support that a phone call can bring.

Call us today or visit our Volunteer section to learn more about making a new friend over the phone!

: Volunteer Services Manager
Phone: 608.268.9641 or email

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