Volunteer Service – Health Advocate

Trained Volunteer Assistance with Your Medical Appointments

Contact: Volunteer Services Manager
Phone: 608.268.9641
Email: volunteer@independentlivinginc.org

health-advocateIf you’ve ever felt overwhelmed before or after a medical appointment, our volunteers in the Health Advocate Program* are ready to help. A volunteer who is comfortable with health care instructions can help you prepare for and attend your medical appointment. After the appointment, your health advocate will review instructions with you. The goal is to be sure that you understand medical information to remain healthy and safe. If you would like to become a client and receive volunteer assistance, please contact the Volunteer Services Manager.

: Volunteer Services Manager
Phone: 608.268.9641 or email

*Health Advocate volunteers are often retired medically trained professionals, or students training in the medical field who have extra time to share and choose to help older and disabled adults. A small, annual program fee may be charged to the client based on income. Ask the Volunteer Services Manager for details.

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