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A Friendly Presence Makes a Difference

Contact: Volunteer Services Manager
Phone: 608.268.9641
Email: volunteer@independentlivinginc.org

Friendly Visiting

Sometimes, a person who enjoys the company of others finds that their opportunities for social interaction have become limited.  Perhaps it’s an illness that keeps them at home, or an inability to drive safely. Our Friendly Visiting Program has a team of volunteers who are interested in providing companionship for elders or adults with disabilities. Volunteers have a variety of interests they are willing to share. They may enjoy just visiting, or playing games, or assisting with a hobby.  Volunteers also may help by reminding you about upcoming medical or personal appointments, or taking medication.

Regular visits or outings are  encouraged. This is more than an opportunity to keep people interested and participating in their community; it is more than a way to check on someone’s safety or health. This is a way to make interesting new friends!  The result is often a satisfying, life-long friendship.

All volunteers and clients are interviewed by the manager, who also makes a home visit. Background and reference checks are conducted, too, for the safety and security of participants.

If you or someone you know has an interest in being or receiving a Friendly Visitor, please contact us.  We’ll be happy to connect with you!


The importance of companionship was the topic of television interview with FACTv in Fitchburg.  Addie, a former program manager, and Marci, client care coordinator, shared tips and insights.  Hear what they have to say on “Talking Fitchburg!

: Volunteer Services Manager
Phone: 608.268.9641 or email


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