Financial Management

Taking the Worry out of Managing Your Personal Business Matters

Contact: Venessa, Financial Management and Counseling Specialist
Phone: 608.268.9627
Email: intake@independentlivinginc.org


It can be challenging to keep up with day to day management of reviewing and paying bills, monitoring mail, organizing health-related paperwork, tracking receipts for tax purposes, and balancing a budget or checkbook. Making it even more difficult is limited vision, memory issues or hand-crippling arthritis. For some individuals, daily money management can become nearly impossible.

You can have a personal business assistant help you at home with your daily financial needs. Through our Financial Management and Counseling Program, we work with you to help you manage your financial responsibilities.

Whether assistance is desired temporarily or for the long term, your financial management assistant can help in many ways:

  • Review bills and call payees regarding incorrect statements
  • Prepare and mail payments
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Establish and monitor a budget
  • Sort mail
  • Collect and file tax documents and other paperwork
  • Review insurance, health and financial statements
  • Organize and oversee a filing system

In addition, a personal assistant can help you address other matters of business such as:

  • Making telephone inquiries
  • Performing as an advocate in certain situations
  • Consulting as directed with professionals including tax accountants, attorneys, in-home care providers, insurance providers, case managers and bankers or financial advisors.

We appreciate your trust in us to help you manage household finances. You can count on confidential assistance to help you or your loved one with financial management and counseling.

Signs that a household financial counselor may be needed:

  • Mail is piling up or unopened
  • Payments are late or bills are ignored
  • Payments are rejected due to insufficient funds
  • Collection agencies are calling
  • Checks aren’t deposited
  • Previously good money handling habits have disappeared
  • Complaints start or increase about money concerns
  • Complaints occur about too much paper
  • Household maintenance or repairs lapse
  • Unexpected or unusual purchases or bank withdrawals occur
  • Sweepstakes or solicitations for money start to attract interest
  • Forgetfulness or confusion appears or increases
  • The spouse who took care of household finances has passed away, leaving the other spouse unaware how to manage

As your personal assistant and partner, we listen carefully. We work closely with seniors, veterans, and adults whose financial affairs need to be put back or kept in order. Often, our assistance makes it possible for concerned family members and loved ones to relax. We ease the worry and burden of household money management.

Ind Living Financial / Household Management

Contact: Venessa, Financial Management and Counseling Specialist
Phone: 608.268.9627 or email

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